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At: Tenergy 25.9V 11600Mah Heavy Duty Lipo Pcb Protected Battery Pack W/ Bare Leads

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Madeof14 Pcs 5800mAh Polymer Li-Polymer single cellsin series Voltage25.9v (working) 26V ( peak) Capacity11600mAh(12.7AH) Max



But protect battery from- Over-charging cut-off 26V- Over-dischargingcut-off20V- Over-drain current limit 6.5A- Short circuit and Wrong polarity protection 11 16 AWG wire Poly switchTwo 9 Amp polyswitch installed to limit discharge current at 18 Amp Weight 2267 grams Dimension168mm x 135 mm x 41.5 mm Recommended chargere-Station BC-6 AC/DC Balancing Charger to charge this battery pack

Discharging rate 10Amp with PCB 32062One protective circuit board PCB installed with thebattery packthat limits the discharging current of battery pack to 6 Amp

Great for any super long external power purposes.Can use AnyVolt DC-DC voltage converter/stablizer to obtain unfluctuating 2.5V to 24V Voltage CautionImproper use like overcharging and over discharging can cause explosion and/or fire.User of the battery is required tohave the sufficient Li-polymer charging experience and technical knowledge

Tenergy or All-Battery.com are not responsible for any damage or injury caused by misuse, misunderstanding or abuse of this product


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