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Tpi 716Nhck3, Flue Gas Analyzer

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TPI Flue Gas Analyzer 716NHCK3 with NO Measurement and NOX Calibration with Infrared Printer, 100,000ppm CO Includes TPI 716N Analyzer A740 Infrared Printer Flue Sampling Probe (A770) - 1 each Temperature Probe (GK11M) - 1 each Mini Pump Protection Filter Assembly (A763) - 1 each Flow regulator (A784) Soft carrying case (A787) 72" stainless steel braidced hose (A615) In line particle/water filter (A762) Instruction Manual The TPI Model 716N Flue Gas Analyzer is a state of the art, easy to use analyzer designed not only to display and calculate the required readings from a flue but also to cover most of the other measurements associated with combustion



Air leaks in the combustion chamber also alter the mixture causing decreased efficiency

All TPI analyzers feature quick and simple set up

Can I log and send test data to a computer Yes, the 712 and 714 have the ability to communicate to a computer by using the optional A767 infrared adapter

Can I test for CO in ambient air Yes, the 708, 709, 712, and 714 can all test for carbon monoxide in ambient air

Can I use any of the TPI analyzers to test for the presence of combustible gas in the flue Yes, the 712 has the ability to test for combustible gases in the flue

Confirm manifold pressures are within manufacturers specifications prior to performing a combustion test

Connection for any 'K' type thermocouple probe Gas Sample Port Connection for Mini Pump Protection Filter and Flue Probe P Port Connections for Pressure Tubing P - Port USB Port Connection for optional A807 cable for communication to a PC or connection for A806 combustible gas leak detection probe

Connection for any 'K' type thermocouple probe T2 Socket Connection for ambient 'K' type thermocouple probe

Dirty or clogged air filters reduce the amount of air available for combustion therefore reducing efficiency

Do any of the TPI analyzers have a built in manometer Yes, the 709, 712, and 714 have built in differential manometers

Efficiency calculation can also be used to generate business by demonstrating the need to improve the efficiency of equipment or to show the benefit of purchasing new equipment with higher efficiency

Electrochemical sensors by nature are always active

Fast purge and the ability to perform fuel selection during start up enable tests to be performed quickly without requiring extra set-up time after initial startup

Features Built-in differential manometer with 0.001 H2O resolution Measure NO Nitric Oxide , Calculate NOX Calculates combustion efficiency Data Logging with time and date stamp Will not shut off if 15 ppm CO is present for increased safety Communicate to a PC via the USB interface Optional A740 IR printer available for hard copies of test results Built-in differential thermometer Push on fittings for fast and easy use New! Optional Bluetooth interface Applications Tuning of residential and furnaces and domestic boilers Ambient and stack testing for CO CO safety measurements in and around combustion sources Temperature checking, including

Features Power On indication red LED Adjustable contrast low, norm, high Manual paper feed advance

Frequently Asked Questions When should I use the optional A773 oil filter If your analyzer is used in an oil fuel application the A773 filter should be used

Obstructions in the flue block exhaust gases and alter the air mixture in the combustion chamber which reduces efficiency

Once manifold pressures are within limits a combustion test can be performed to provide information regarding any adjustments that may be needed

Operates on 4 ldquo AA rdquo batteries or optional AC adapter Self test at Power On 3-Year Warranty TPI Model A740 Demonstration Video

Sensor Calibration The sensors in your analyzer will need to be replaced periodically and calibration is recommended once every year

Should I set my analyzer to net or gross efficiency Gross efficiency is the correct choice for applications in the United States

TPI Model 716N Demonstration Video A740 Infrared Printer Use the A740 with select TPI instruments to print hard paper copies of your measurement data

TPI analyzers also use the last selected fuel as the default setting

Tech Tips Several factors affect combustion efficiency

The primary way to affect change in combustion efficiency when working with modern gas fired equipment is through gas manifold pressure adjustment

The sensors in your analyzer are warranted for two years

Therefore the time the analyzer is off and not being used must be taken into account when determining sensor life

This feature prevents the need to perform fuel selection every time the analyzer is turned on

This filter does not have to be removed for other fuel types

This warranty does not cover sensors damaged through misuse of the analyzer

Using TPI analyzers to determine combustion efficiency at the time of equipment set up minimizes call backs and can be used to verify to the home owner the value of service work by showing the increase in equipment efficiency after work is performed


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